Support Services
Nov-3, 12:00am EDT

StatusCast's support team will be migrating platforms for managing tickets and chats on November 3rd, 2023. While this migration is taking place, we won't be able to offer support via the chat feature. However, rest assured that we're still here to assist you! You can reach out to us via email at Our team will be more than happy to address any queries or concerns you may have.

Third Party Integrations
Oct-5, 9:00am EDT

Chargify announced on their status page that they are being rebranded and moved to Maxio( StatusCast has added the Maxio status page to replace Chargify in the third party status page provider list.

We recommend any account using Chargify to replace the integration with Maxio’s new status page. 

Status pages Notification services
Aug-29, 9:30pm EDT

Starting August 30th, 2023 for Public Status Pages that allow SMS subscriptions StatusCast will now require that a valid email address be confirmed before a person can fully establish a new SMS subscription.

This change in subscription workflow is to help prevent malicious parties from attempting to commit SMS fraud which has become a growing concern for many SaaS companies dealing with mass notifications. We here at StatusCast have witnessed this trend, in the past 6 months the quantity of malicious traffic attempting to commit SMS fraud has increased drastically. While we have continued to implement industry best practices to safeguard against this sort of activity, ultimately real user confirmation is the most effective way to prevent such unwanted attention.

Cloud Providers SendGrid
Aug-7, 5:16pm EDT
[closed] Our engineers have investigated and resolved the issues with links. From 10:15 PM PST to 2:15 PM PST customers may have noted intermittent latency when clicking on links within emails, resulting in longer than expected loading times, or misdirections. The issue has been resolved, and all impacted services are operating normally.
Jun-7, 11:49am EDT
[closed] Twilio SMS was degraded for 8 hours between 12:30 and 08:30 Pacific Time on 06/07/2023. During this period of time, customers may have experienced SMS delivery failures to Chile Entel and Telefonica network from Chile phone numbers. The issue has now been resolved.
Cloud Providers SendGrid
Jun-1, 4:37pm EDT
[closed] Beginning at 1:13 PM PT on June 1st, our engineering team began investigating a problem related to SendGrid Email Validations API. Our team determined that this issue began at 10:13 AM PT and lasted through 1:29 PM PT, at which point a deploy was made to fix the problem. During the affected period, the SendGrid system began producing failures for attempts made to the Email Validations API endpoint for SendGrid. Users accessing this feature would have seen "403 FORBIDDEN" API response errors despite having proper permissions and feature access to this API endpoint. This did not impact mail send. This issue has been resolved and systems are now operating normally.
May 31, 1:17pm EDT
Cloud Providers SendGrid
May-31, 1:17pm EDT
[closed] Beginning at 10:17 AM PT on May 31st, our engineering team began investigating a problem related to mail send delays for a subset of our users. The period of time for delayed mail send was between 9:50 AM PT and 11:50 AM PT, at which point mail successfully and completely dequeued from the system. This delay affected mail sent via SMTP, web API and Marketing Campaigns and affected approximately 20% of customer accounts. For any affected messages, the average queue time was approximately 5 minutes for the period. This issue has been resolved and mail sending systems are now operating normally.
Cloud Providers Twilio
May-30, 7:33am EDT
[closed] Twilio REST API was degraded for 26 minutes between 03:34 AM and 04:00 AM Pacific Time. During this period of time customers may have observed failures while calling the API.The issue has now been resolved.
Apr-6, 6:30am EDT
[closed] We observed SMS Delivery Failure and Delay to Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile France Networks for 46 minutes between 02:21 and 03:07 Pacific Time on 04/06/2023. During this period of time customers may have experienced SMS Delivery Failure and Delay to the affected Networks. The issue has now been resolved.
Admin application
Mar-6, 2:58pm EST
[closed] StatusCast replaced its vendor for managing support chats within the administrative application. In an effort to improve the efficiency of StatusCast's Suppor team, we have replaced Intercom with Zendesk which we had been previously using to log support tickets. Just as with Intercom, Zendesk does not have access to your subscribers or to your incident data, but does retain some general usage details to help Support in diagnosing and reviewing accounts. For an updated copy of StatusCast's DPA please reach out to